Koach is now a member of the Destiny Coaching Group, USA) led by Dr Keith Johnson, America's #1 Confidence Coach.
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The Koach Coaching Consulting offers training consulting and coaching services among others in the following areas:

1.    Life and Confidence Coaching for individuals and groups
2.    Executive and Business Coaching-For Profit and Not for Profit Organizations
3.    Prayer and Spiritual Coaching for Churches and Individuals (only for Christians)
4.    Consulting in Strategic Organizational Leadership and Management, for Small and Medium Businesses (for now), churches. ministries and social groups
5     Public/Conference Speaking
6.    Succession and Future Generational Leaders Coaching for the Youth in Churches and  Ministries
7.    Negotiation and Persuation Management
8.    Ministry Dynamics Training and Coaching for those in Ministry
9.    Organozational Staff Learning and Development and
10.  Financial Management and Capacity Building
11.  Conflict Management for Peace and Development 
12,  Marriage Coaching Conferences
Experience in Training and Coaching
Koach has more than 20 years experience in training.  He had combined training of staff and leaders with his work in UNICEF. He was also a pioneer member of UNICEF's Division of Financial and Administrative Management (DFAM) Staff Leaerning and Development team in New York,USA. where he worked for more than 10 years.
Besides, he was a regular facilitator of the Lunch Time Staff Learnng Experience. He also trained and coached staff engaged in Accounts Payable Processing and became the expert organizational resource in Accounts Payable.
Koach also trained staff at the country, regional, divisional and global levels . The staff comprised  general and professional categories. While on duty tour in Africa, he trained goverment officials too in UNICEF policies and programme financial management.

Moreover, he represented the UNICEF Global Staff Association in the capacity of the Vice President at the UNICEF's Global Management (Leaders) Team meetings, where he particitated in the global governace of UNICEF and formulation of corporate strategies and global management policies.

Furthermore, he was also a member of the Headquarters Efficiency and Effectiveness Team formed to assist UNICEF improve its performance in these two areas among others.


Koach and Church Leaders Training and Development

Koach has a tremenduous experience in church and ministry leadership training and development.

He is seen below engaged in training of church leaders and ministers

in August  as part of the UK 2013 Leaders Orientation program.

The training covered areas such as Church Mission and Vision Strategies, Leadership Traits and Personal Development, Team Dynamics, Finding your place in the local ministry of your church, The Role of the Holy Spirit: the Sceptre and the Signature Concepts, Calling and Ministry, and Counselling Services











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