Many do not know that they can influence and change the negative aspects of their character. There are simple but effective steps to get the desired positive results as outlined in this
Obtaining adequate understanding of the acts of the flesh and their behavioral impact on us and others will create a definite path to remedial measures. The word of God will bring clarity to the issues involved in such carnal actions and the consequences, and informed prayer will bring the Holy Spirit's power to help in the change of behavior. This is totally within the power and choice of every believer. No credit to the devil.
This is an Easter challenge and an appeal to believers to live a life that proves that the risen Lord indeed is alive in them. Otherwise the celebration does not make any sense.
I am careful to observe the key aspects of what has come to be known as the Lord's Prayer. One principal aspect is the requirement of receiving forgiveness from God because we forgave those that sinned against us. But in the full glare of one crucial church ceremony, many fall short of meeting this standard. And it will surprise you that it is an obvious case that believers should not miss.
Have you wondered why we easily pray amiss, yet we can pray on target. The difference is to pray in accordance with the mind of God or our own mind, feeling or otherwise as the case may be. Jesus said that we should pray that the will of our Father in heaven should....