Koach Odoom
Koach Odoom is an Elder and Apostle. Koach has a deep working relationship with the Holy Spirit and understands his role in a believer's life and ministry. He just retired from UNICEF after combining ministry with his professional work in Ghana and abroad for more than 34 years.

My Style and Platform

My writing calling resides in the domain of the teaching of deep life changing biblical concepts and truths that stand the test of time, which are also applicable to all life situations through the help of the Holy Spirit.

My Approach

I teach or preach first , the message received and allow the Holy Spirit to process and refine it. By so doing, I am able to obtain the understanding , wisdom and revelation relating to each message which then paves way for the writing of the manuscript with much clarity of what the Lord wants me to put across.

Also I believe in kingdom approach, so I do my best to obtain preliminary reviews and comments from fellow believers, thus by the time the manuscript is out for readers, it has met the godly standards fit for the children of the kingdom and the consumption of public at large.

Koach Odoom

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