Questions and Answers about the Book and the Author




1.What is the mission statement or "essence statement" for your book? State the point or central theme of your book.


This book essentially seeks to bring back the focus, the strategic fundamental role and the significance of prayer in the lives of individuals. It thus informs and equips readers with biblical means, coupled with the provision of practical authentic examples and approaches in prayer which are all adaptive and capable of supporting change in spiritual lifestyle.


2. What do you hope readers will gain from reading your book-what takeaway do you hope they get? Why?

I believe readers will be able to obtain a unique and fresh understanding of the principles and concepts of how to become more effective in their prayers. Furthermore, I believe readers will appreciate that an effective prayer life is a prerequisite to living a full godly and abundant life. My takeaway therefore is that readers will desire to change their prayer lives in order to maximize the potential in prayer by using the information provided in the book to its fullest degree as possible.



3. What are some of the most important things one can say about your book?


I consider my book as a page turner. This is because it offers readers an unequalled opportunity to acquire new and deep acumens, which when applied properly will lead to a permanent life changing experience in one's prayer life. These are the same principles that have altered my prayer life and that of many others, who practiced them. These same underlying principles and concepts of prayer were applied by people like the woman whose child was demon possessed, who came to Jesus, Hannah the mother of Samuel, who was barren and the Samaritan woman, who was distraught with life, who Jesus met at the well at noonday. They were all able to approach God directly in prayer, beyond all forms confines and obtain divine approval to their prayers, I believe readers will see themselves in these prayer success accounts and will be inspired, gain the level of sureness and straightway begin to practice what they have read from the book in the hope of obtaining similar results.


4. In what ways do you feel you or your book is newsworthy?


Prayer has never been needful more than now!  There is a great hunger to reach to someone beyond and above the challenges people face for solutions. The book brings a fresh breath of knowledge to the subject of prayer. It presents prayer in a new, dynamic and friendly manner, not only as what people do to get their desires from God but also, how he seeks to relate to them too. This is because God wants us to know him all the more, in order for us to reach the full potential of the power in prayer and accrue its benefits. We are at a time in life, where the world is now fully interconnected. By this global landscape, political, socio-economic, environmental hardships and other threats easily and rapidly impact people everywhere. Consequently, nations and individuals are faced with difficulties which have taken away their peace and joy. When one prays, one first gets the peace of God in the assurance that he is taking care of the issues brought to him, even while the answer is on the way-so to say. It was during such fearful time like we are in-when people fear for their lives, property and families that Esther prayed for the Jews to avert their annihilation and God answered her. People can use the tested principles, as explained in the book which Esther used to empower themselves, nations, families and friends in time of distress for intervention from God.


Take the case of the Malaysian Flight 370 which recently got missing. Most of the families turned to prayer for safety of their loved ones and also to obtain emotional and spiritual strength to deal with the issues associated with the loss of the air plane. But there are others, who do not know how to pray and more so do that effectively. They should be helped to join in prayer, so the burden of prayer could be carried by many more people.


Despite this desire to see more people effectively engaged in prayer, there is a phenomenon which is working against this objective, which the book seeks to expose and restrict its impact and expansion in the church. I am greatly dismayed by the persistent and ever growing trend of numerous people, even among those who claim to be practicing Christians, who do not know how to approach God directly by themselves in prayer. As a result, they move from place to place seeking to be prayed for in exchange for a consideration. These people are described as "Prayer Receivers" in the book.  


Besides, there are certain issues which everyone would like to keep between him/herself and God. So knowing how to approach him privately in prayer is very essential in dealing especially with such matters. The paths that lead to liberty from the behavior of chasing people for prayers and the lack of knowledge in prayer have been outlined in the book. Therefore, I that believe many people would like to know how to use these directions and be firmly grounded and assertive in prayer themselves.


Furthermore, the book introduces the concept of "The Five Dynamic Portals of Relationship Building" in Chapter Six, which is brand new in the literature of prayer. It has a universal application, for starting, growing in, maintaining and excelling in any form of relationship in life. It could be used by organizations, teams, families, couples and dating to deepen the relationships that exist among them. I trust that this new concept will help rectify the defects in the existing models and bring vigor into relationships and make them tenacious and enjoyable. This certainly is something people everywhere would like to know about, because of the numerous doubtful and damaged relationships that are prevalent in the society at large, which make life unbearable and unpleasant for those in such relationships.


Moreover, the church was born in prayer, which regrettably has now become a difficult practice. The book casts prayer in a new mold, which if used properly will help reinstate prayer as a central pillar of the Christian faith around which all other activities will evolve. I believe churches will like to know more about this too.


Unquestionably, the book also gives a Voice, Presence and a Platform for children issues. The strategic significance of their role in the society, in the family and in the church is discussed. As a former staff of UNICEF, I was able to draw a parallel between the rights and roles of children in society as advocated for and supported by UNICEF and those in the families and churches. I believe this comparability will interest and help parents and the church family to strive to train children in prayer and bring them up properly. By so doing, they will be a blessing and not pose a danger to the society through bad behaviors such as child soldiers, drug addicts etc. For example, I continue to train and support young people, especially young girls to protect their virginity, live meaningful and God fearing lives. Most of them are now happily married, engaged in ministry and also mentoring and coaching others to behave well as well. I taught them among other things, how they could use prayer to ward off evil and corrupt influences of people, who seek to tempt and seduce them into fornication or adultery and other sinful behaviors. I believe many people will like to know how the unlimited power and potential prayer principles could be used to their advantage in raising and protecting their children in these evil times.


5. Please provide a brief author biography as well as any expertise you bring to the opinions/ideas expressed in your book? What establishes you as an authority in this area?


I have been involved in ministry for more than 34 years. Although, I worked in UNICEF for the past 27 years in many locations across the globe, I have always been engaged in ministry. I have been a conference speaker at international, national and individual church levels on Prayer and the Holy Spirit. Actually, this book is a product of such ministerial activities. Also, God has used me in several prayer teaching and coaching efforts which led to revivals and growth in the prayer lives of many people, the return of spiritual fervency and vibrancy, growth and evangelism in churches. After one such revival, I led the Circuit Youth of the Kaneshie Methodist church; Ghana spearheaded the establishment of ten more branches within a period of two years. Still, in Kinshasa, I teamed up with Pastor Jean-Bosco Kindomba (between 1995-and 2000) using prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit to grow and transform the Eglise du Sang Precious church, which was meeting under a tree into one of the largest churches in RDC. It now meets in a very large temple and conducts multiple services.


Being a parent of four, working for UNICEF, an organization focuses on children issues, and working with youth ministry have made me and expert children and youth issues. Quite recently, one of my daughters in the Lord who resides in Ireland, asked me to join her in prayer for her child, who was behaving badly in school and was cautioned to be removed, if he didn't behave well within a week. It was discerned that it was a spiritual matter, so we prayed and the boy was delivered from the evil influence underlying the behavior to the astonishment of the school authorities. He subsequently was given an award as best behaved student just a week after we had prayed. I am therefore able to speak authoritatively on the relationship between the physical and spiritual needs and rights of children to be provided by parents and the church. Accordingly, the issues on children discussed in the book are done from the standpoint of an all-round concerned and informed parent.



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